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The facade of the Fizzarotti Palace faces south and is structured in five ogival arches, laterally bounded by two towers. The towers are surmounted by finely decorated domes with gold-leafed mosaics, representing the "rising sun". Four gold-leafed coloured mosaic medallions adorn the façade. The medallions represent the "Phoenician"; the old coat of arms of the city of Bari with its mythical founder "Barinon"; the coat of arms of the city of Lecce, from which the Fizzarotti Family originated; the allusive personal coat of arms of Emanuel Fizzarotti "quamquam fractae vulnerant" (despite being broken, they continue to wound).
The balconies, windows, and bifoil and trefoil mullioned windows, like the entire façade, are stone laced. This creates a harmonious contrast between the compact, yet simple stonework, and lines of the pointed arches. The latter together with the pillars in relief and their bases and capitals frame three levels of two-light mullioned windows, tapering upwards. The same applies to the light of the ogival arches slimmed by the two lateral streamlined towers. This creates an overall horizontal and vertical "inward moving" optical effect.
The fourth floor (i.e. third floor above ground level) is entirely run by an arcade whose columns support the valuable and eminent cornice. The solid oak inlaid portal opens upon the main entrance hall. The Neptune Fountain, located in the rear courtyard, can be admired from the main entrance hall. It is an imposing fountain, elegantly enclosed by an art nouveau wrought iron gate.

The floor is composed of stone, basalt and limestone, laid in a herringbone manner, thus creating a harmonious effect. The monastic benches and porphyry columns prelude to the refined frescoed walls and staircase, decorated with fine inlaid marble and embellished by beautifully inlaid solid walnut doors which lead to the rooms. The doors are exquisitely inlaid with the head of Mercury. The balustrade is a true artwork of marble with porphyry columns. The lion "guarding" the staircase is also made of red porphyry. The lights running along the staircase and in the entrance hall are made of wrought iron. The staircase is lit by trefoil Murano glass fixtures, and crowned by a sky fresco depicting a fanciful, airborne Zodiac in a beautiful turquoise colour. Further beautiful details can be appreciated by browsing the photographs in the photo gallery; they illustrate the exquisite workmanship of the Palace which is a clear sign of past opulence and unparalleled present day beauty.

The ground floor consists of large halls with high dome ceilings. The halls are finely embellished with excellent glass artwork, window-frames, internal doors and boiseries.

The first storey is of particular beauty and elegance due to the refined decorative styles and fabulous fixed wall furnishings. The rooms reflect the Eclectic movement which has left remarkable examples in Italy, although many examples have been destroyed, and Central Europe. The first storey includes four central sitting rooms of which three are interconnected, and the fourth can be accessed via the waiting room. These rooms, better described further on, are surrounded by six other smaller rooms, decorated in various styles, typical of the Eclectic period.

The second storey has been recently renovated and is composed of both large and smaller sitting rooms with decorated ceilings. In particular, the sitting room situated in the right wing displays a wonderful Venetian floor and a central mosaic rose-window.

The third storey has also been luxuriously refurbished and has solid hardwood window frames and doors, a Carrara marble floor, antique tapestries, air conditioning, burglar and fire alarm system, fibre optic and internet connections, switchboard telephone instalments. This last storey is characterised by a monumental open arcade gallery, lining the entire façade of the Palace, with ogival arches. Both the walls and the vaults are frescoed and the floor is lain with fine marble. The arcaded gallery overlooks the city scene of "Corso Vittorio Emanuele II", the city's prime and exclusive avenue.
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