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THE 14TH CENTURY GOTHIC VENETIAN STYLE HALL has been well-preserved and is very striking. The north wall is adorned with geometric decorations and a large three-mullioned French window with marble columns and Venetian glass. The south wall has two double French windows: the internal one is in cut glass, while the external one is in leaden glass. The columns have arabesque capitals.
The floor is of polychrome beaten Venetian marble with pure gold leaf mosaic inserts, representing heraldic arms and geometric designs. Two large decorated marble sitting benches, each surmounted by a Corradini triptych with pure gold leaf frames, line the east and west walls. The triptychs represent historical scenes and events of Apulia. The triptych on the west side depicts the entrance in Brindisi of the nuptial procession of the Swabian Federick II's marriage to Yolanda of Brienne, whereas the one on the east wall depicts the joyful disembarkation of the Venetian Doge Orseolus in Bari after liberating the city from Saracen siege.
The beauty of this hall is enhanced by a Murano glass chandelier of exceptional value: one of the largest ever manufactured, with a carved support decorated in gold leaf.

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