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The palace was built between the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the last century (1905) by the very successful businessman and later banker Emmanuel Fizzarotti. Fizzarotti was an emerging middle-class businessman from Lecce who wanted to bear witness to the new economic puissance as patron of a new era. In the building of the palace, he recruited the design engineer E. Bernice, who after being in Naples had landed in Apulia as Superintendent of the Architectural and Cultural Heritage, the architect A. Corradini, as well as a host of craftsmen and artists, amongst which painters, sculptors, decorators, mosaic art inlayers and cabinet makers, iron smiths, and Murano glass-makers.
The building stands on a covered area of 800 square meters and consists of an internal courtyard, the ground floor and three upper floors for a total height of 21.4 meters. The building outstands all the other city buildings thanks to its excellent, refined workmanship which permeates throughout the building, and, above all, to its unique Eclectic style, clearly exemplified by its neo-Gothic Venetian architecture.

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